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Greetings and a warm welcome to my digital abode, I’m Shuvojit Sarkar, and I'm delighted you've chosen to visit. I serve the technology sector as a seasoned full-stack developer, specializing in backend and devops. My daily work involves building & running scalable and distributed backend services.

About Me


I am Shuvojit Sarkar, a proficient full-stack software developer, with a comprehensive understanding of the entire technology stack. My expertise focuses on the precise design and development of backend architectures. Additionally, I bring a unique capability to the table: the ability to improve developer efficiency through the deployment of customized tools and scripts.

My journey has been etched with over half a decade of post-graduate professional experience, along with 3 formative years honing my craft during college. As someone who deeply resonates with the dynamic world of technology, I've committed myself to not only mastering the present but also anticipating the future.

The dual path of academic rigor and practical experience has equipped me to approach problems from multiple dimensions. My time in college was not an interruption but an integral phase where I began to apply theoretical knowledge in practical, real-world scenarios. This unique blend of theory and practice continues to serve me well in my role as a programmer specializing in multiple programming languages.

    ( 2022 - Today )

    Software Development Engineer II

    • Designed & Developed a configuration-driven BFF layer to serve event based microservices; using Nodejs(Typescript), Kafka & GraphQL
    • Deployed & setup infrastructure to support our stack; which consists of APISIX, Postgres, Kafka & Redis
    • Created environments & pipelines for 4 stages using Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins & Python for scripts.
    • Researched & Implemented Event Driven Scaling using Keda which scaled up our apps by reacting to load on appropriate kafka channels
    • Designed & Developed Unified Login for internal admin webapp & internal command line tool
    • Implemented New Relic auto-instrumentation and infrastructure instrumentation to unify logs, metrics, and traces throughout our highly distributed stack.
    JavaTypescriptJavscriptPythonNodejsSpring BootNestjsPostgresKafkaRedisDockerKubernetesKeda
  • Appnosticworx
    ( 2020 - 2021 )

    Full Stack Developer

    • Responsible for understanding and scoping out requirements from clients
    • Developed front end applications using Angular & Nextjs
    • Developed serverless Rest APIs using AWS Lambda, GraphQL & Node.js
    • Implemented authentication using Firebase Auth
    TypescriptJavascriptPhpAngularNextjsNodejsAWS LambdaGraphQLAWSFirebase AuthMysql
  • Techpro Studio
    ( 2018 - 2020 )

    Python Developer

    • Rewrote existing PHP Monolith codebase to Python running on AWS Lambda
    • Identified & Refactored unoptimised queries & indexes while rewriting in MySQL database to decrease latencies for queries upto 50%
    • Replaced separate internal platform auth services with AWS Cognito, achieving unified login for all internal applications.
    • Designed and implemented a basic intrusion detection algorithm using historical user data to monitor unusual logins in our internal applications using Python
    • Optimised a sequential job, creating a distributed solution that runs 83% faster
    PythonTypescriptJavascriptPhpAngularAWS LambdaAWS S3AWS CognitoIonicCodeigniter

  • Madkraft Pvt. Ltd.
    ( Jan 2018 - Oct 2018 )

    Fullstack Developer

    • Backend: Designed and built the database design and API to support a school management system using Laravel and MySQL.
    • Mobile App: Created an android app to consume and interact with the APIs to provide interface for students.
    • FrontEnd: Created an admin panel using Javascript + Jquery to consume and interact with the services to provide interface for school administrators/teachers.
    PhpJavascriptJavajQueryLaravelAndroidMySQLAWSAWS S3
  • Digital Bongs
    ( Feb 2017 - July 2017 )

    Fullstack Developer

    • Backend: Responsible for building/maintaining custom CMS for blogs and responsible for building/maintaining cron jobs to maintain server health & aggregating data
    • Custom Analytics Platform: Built an application level traffic analysis tool for a blog using Google Analytics, which could provide insights like which author or which article type which category did well and presented it all in a simple dashboard.
    • Mobile App: Created an android app to consume and interact with REST APIs to for a lottery SaaS app.
    PhpJavascriptjQueryCodeigniterAndroidMySQLAWSGoogle Analytics API
  • Sterling AG
    ( June 2015 - Feb 2017 )

    Fullstack Developer

    • Tech Ad-Campaigns: Worked on developing and deploying media rich ad-campaigns, which had mostly to do with dynamic image/video rendering, for clients like ICICI, HDFC. Used Laravel, MySQL for the most part and AWS for deploying. Implemented a custom queue using database & cron job to handle server load during the campaign and making sure the server stays up.
    • HTML Mailers: Worked on lot of HTML mailers and wrote some scripts to automate the mailer development process.
  • Sidus Infinity Pvt. Ltd.
    ( April 2015 - May 2015 )

    Web Development Intern

    • Backend: Worked on fixing bugs in previously on-going CodeIgniter projects.
    • Web Scraping: Used mechanize and BeautifulSoup on Python to write scripts that scrap data off the internet to generate leads.
  • Techno India, Satltlake (MAKAUT)
    ( 2015 — 2018 )

    Bachelor of Computer Applications

  • Maria's Day School (CISCE)
    ( 2015 )

    PCM + Computer Science

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